Each portrait is a small personal meeting.
When I draw a portrait, I think about a person in front of me, what is the most sharming and interesting thing about him.
Each of my portraits is a small compliment to a person.
To create an interesting and expressive portrait in a short time requires maximum professionalism, involvement and skill. I have over 15 years of experience as a classical portrait painter. And more than 7 years of experience as a portrait сreator at events.

I know that people have different attitudes towards caricature. Some are afraid that the drawing will hurt some feelings. In each my drawing I set the task of emphasizing the beauty of a person, capturing the charm, characteristic features. It is important for me that the person will really like the portrait and fell happy looking at it after the event. I wish my work will hang on the wall in a frame or be saved somewhere in a folder. My irony is always kind. Each of my portraits is a small compliment to a person.

I know from experience that being an artist at an event is not only to draw a good portrait. You want every guest to be happy and full of joy. And my job, as an artist, is also to make the guest have a pleasant time with me. I am a very open and communicative person. And I can find an approach to everyone. Regardless of age, status and internal state of a person. For me, a sense of tact, relevance, respect for each guest are important. There has never been a case that someone would leave me in a bad mood.

Why an artist if there is a photographer?
Meeting with an artist is a completely different communication. A portrait is an opportunity to see yourself in a new way, unlike photography. When I draw a portrait, I give the person the opportunity to open up to me. I always approach each individually - looking for an advantageous angle, pose, topic for a short conversation. I want a person to leave not only with a portrait, but also with a compliment, with +100 points in their self-confidence.

And you can rely on me in organizational matters. I take my work very seriously. I discuss in advance all the important details with the customer. I think about all the nuances at the stage of preparation: from materials for work, to my own image. And I do not drink alcohol, not before, not during the event. I make the most during my time at work.

Every event should be a small miracle. And every guest is a participant in this miracle.
Whenever I go to an event, I don't know what to expect. Therefore, I surrender to the mood of the event. Every time this is improvisation according to the general mood. And the portraits I create are also slightly different at each event. Even I am always interested in how my artworks will go this time.

In my work, I like to observe people, look for beauty and zest in them. I believe that the main thing is not external beauty, but internal charm. And I like to discover this resource in a person.

I also like to be at a event and share the general joy of people, this is the most beautiful thing. Wedding, corporate, anniversary, children's birthday or some other holiday. I am glad to become a participant and make a personal contribution to the general fun, joy, to help make people happy. After all, the more joy, the brighter it will be in this world.
I perceive the process of creating a party, it is like a small miracle, which is born in front of our eyes from the personal efforts of each participant. This is a great art of the birth of beauty and magic. And I myself really like to create and create beauty. And therefore, it is very pleasant and valuable for me to be a part of this magic.

By nature, I am a very open, friendly person. And I enjoy meeting new people. I enjoy talking with them on a wide range of topics. I like learning new things from people. I especially like to see the sparkle in their eyes from the desire to communicate and gratitude!

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How to estimate a budget?
The budget is built individually, depending on the tasks.
It is important where the event takes place and how much the road costs and whether I need an overnight stay.
Number of guests and opening hours
I have hourly pay. One portrait takes 7-10 minutes. I paint 6 portraits in an hour.
Material costs are included in the hourly rate. Usually I use A4 paper, various markers, pencils.
Beauty of presentation
After the completion of the portrait, I have a ritual on how to decorate the portrait so that the guest does not damage it. I fold the portrait neatly into a tube and tie it with a ribbon. So the portrait will be safe until the end of the event.
But other wishes can be discussed. It is important to discuss this in advance in order to prepare the necessary materials.
The budget is adjusted to your wishes.
We discuss the budget according to your wishes.
In Riga and Latvia, my hour of work costs 50 euros.
If you are abroad, the price may differ.
My experience
The brightest and most unusual experience was when I was a participant in the carnival. It was a social event with a nod to 17th century palace fashion, the March Ball in 2014. And there I played the role of a court painter. It was extremely interesting for me to draw portraits of people in masks, costumes, wigs and puffy beautiful dresses. The event lasted over 6 hours. I have been painting for almost the same amount of time. I must say that with experience I realized that my best time is 3 hours. After that, it's just hard to work. Or you need to take a long break.

Another unusual experience I had was being part of a romantic dinner for a couple. My role was to capture and convey the atmosphere of the evening, the mood of the couple. On the one hand, it was not smart to spy on a couple. On the other hand, everything was very beautiful, tactful, romantic. And I fell in love with this beauty.
I chose the classic style, instead of caricatures. And I first drew a couple together, then each individually, then together again. As a result, in 2 hours the couple had about 10 drawings, 5 each.
Due to confidentiality, I am unable to show these works.
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