Bring new inspiration to your life
for those who love authenticity, collect, collect beauty around themselves
Especial postcards with reproductions of paintings.
Sending a postcard we can share personally a living witness of love and a piece of warmth.
Now again it becomes fashionable to revive the old tradition of acquiring and collecting postcards.
And what a happiness to see on them images of the familiar corners of your beloved city! But if you have not ever been in Riga, then let these postcards snap the reason to come and see this city alive!

These postcards are made from images of paintings I painted in this year, 2018th.
I personally participated in the creation of design. And I was present at the time of their printing.

One set contains 10 postcards, measuring 10.5 x 14.8 cm. On the back of each postcard there is a short information about the picture.

The cost of one set is 15 EUR. The cost includes shipping costs, if necessary.
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Vera Bondare
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