Pastel drawings

Project "Riga people"
Project "Riga people" was created in 2012-2013. And was inspired by many sketches I have drawn during my whole carer of artist. You can see them in this background picture. In fact I have more than three shoes boxes filled with small sketching albums!
And once looking at this I thought that it must be realized into something interesting and special. All these drawings have a grate amount of memories, unknown people with interesting faces, someone's emotions, life stories. And almost all of them has happened in my lovest city, Riga. A great part of the history this city. And decided to crate pastel drawing inspired by these sketches!
My first collection of pastel works has only 25 drawings. And I exhibit them in my first personal exhibition in 2012, in art gallery Happy Art Museum. And I was very satisfied, how people reacted to this idea. They really liked it very much! And on next year I did more drawings and opened second exhibition in Central Library filial.

Still life
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