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Order a dress with my prints in OWA Fashion!
OWA fashion is open-minded fashion company working with artists and creating high quality dress with prints of unique design. It is placed in Latvia! Clothing print technology demands a certain kind of fabric and, since, and they emphasize quality and comfort, and do not save on material we use to produce our closing

How to make an order?
Don't worry, it is very easy! Here are detailed instructios for you to an order of a T-shirt or a sweatshirt with my drawings.
1. And so, go to the site of a wonderful team
And right on the main page, below is the "Categories" section. In this section, choose what you like: T-shirt, sweatshirt, dress, to your taste! And click on the section!

2. Inside the section you see a wide assortment of different models. Choose your model! Click on it!
3. We are close to the finish!
In option of the size choose your size of dress. There is an option of manual settings, where you can specify the measurements of your figure!
(Read more how to determine your measurements: exclusive dressmaking)
And in the column "Print number" type the number of the drawing that you liked!
Last time look, all is setted?
Add our purchase to the basket!

4. We are at the finish! We issue our order.
At the top of the screen you see our basket. Press "proceed to checkout". Have a look that everything you want is right, And proceed your order!
Choose delivery method that you find the most convenient. Then fill in all the necessary sections, and click on the payment via Pay Pal. The Pay Pal website will open now.
If you have an account, then you know what to do!
If not, there is a credit card payment option below! We click, fill in all the boxes! And make payment!
You are now among the finalists! And now just wait for your order! Our dwarfs have already started to work!
Gallery of awailable prints.
Here you can see the print numbers under each image
If you really liked the drawings, and you want to order your own drawing, then there is such an opportunity! The cost of drawing A4 format is 30 euros. And the drawing will remain with you! You can decorate your house with it or give to someone dear to you!
Feel free to write to discuss the details!

Saatchi Art is the best place to buy artwork online. It is very good for America, Australia and Europe!
Make online tour and shopping of my art on:
Special offers for people, who live in Latvia, especial Riga!
Prices are without shipping costs! Just pay&buy and I will bring to you the artwork you like!
Still life with roses
70х50 сm / Canvas, oil, 2017
€ 500
Still life with orange
€ 350

40х30 сm / Canvas, oil, 2016 / in sale
€ 250
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