When word and line give birth to a magical world.
Cinderella - based on the fairy tale by Charles Perrot
It was a great pleasure to work together with Anastasia Loseva. Nastya is a very creative person, an experienced artist and a decorator. She can work with almost any kind of projects. And together we had an amazingly easy going understanding of the artistic vision of the illustrations.

In the solution of illustrations, we wanted to introduce a completely new vision, and avoid all the templates. At the same time, to make a fairy tale as recognizable as possible in each drawing. My role in his project was basically focused on composition solutions and outline drawing. Nastya was bringing in a bright sunny color solutions.

The project was resolved within 2 and a half months. Total number of illustrations: 6 A4 papers and 16 A5 papers. The illustrations are created on watercolor paper, watercolors and radiographer.

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